2015 Elections

Vote Green Party on November 3rd

This year's general election will be held Tuesday, November 3. Help our Green candidates get out the vote!

Darin Robbins Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Corning in 2015

Darin Robbins has announced he will challenge Corning Mayor Frank Negri again and seek the Green Party nomination. Darin is quoted in an article in the Corning Leader announcing his campaign, "The primary theme of my campaign is that the residents of Corning are the co-owners of the city, and we should have policies that reflect that. 'My platform is focused on promoting direct democracy and resiliency to external economic and environmental change. This includes development and support of worker owned cooperative businesses, local energy production through renewable solar and wind power, and giving residents the chance to have a direct say in how some of their taxes are allocated in the city budget." Corning Leader, March 4, 2015. For more information about Darin's campaign, click here.

Green Candidates Current and Past

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