Joe Duffy speaking about why he joined the Green Party
Darin Robbins speaking about the Occupy Movement

2013 Local Elections

Vote Green Party on November 5th

This year's general election will be held Tuesday, November 5. Help our Green candidates get out the vote!

Joe Duffy for Mayor of Hornell

Joe Duffy is the Green Party candidate for mayor of the City of Hornell. To volunteer for Joe's campaign, email joe at

Darin Robbins for Mayor of Corning

Darin Robbins is the Green Party candidate for mayor of the City of Corning. For more information about Darin's campaign, click here. To volunteer for Darin's campaign, email darin at Darin's campaign platform includes:

Participatory Budgeting: Residents can choose where 30% of their local tax payment will go in the city budget.

Referendum: Residents can place proposals on the ballot so that all residents can vote on them.

Cooperatives: Requirement that the city’s economic fund can only give startup loans to worker owned businesses.

Fab Lab: Community workshop offering personal fabrication through computer controlled tools and flexible manufacturing equipment that is freely accessible to all residents.

Net-metering: A revolving loan fund that will help homeowners install solar panels and small wind turbines while connected to the city grid, where any surplus energy is shared by all residents.

Anti-Fracking: A community Bill Of Rights that includes the right to clean land, air, and water and which sets the foundation for a local ban on fracking.

Darin is a lifelong resident of Corning. He lived in the 8th and 9th wards before redistricting and in the 7th and 6th wards after redistricting. He has Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from American University in Washington D.C. and currently volunteers at the Southeast Steuben County Library. He has been a member of the Green Party since November 2000 and a member of Occupy since November 2011.

Supporting State and National Green Party Candidates

In 2012, members of the Steuben County Green Party worked for Jill Stein's campaign for President of the United State and Colia Clark's campaign for US Senate from New York. Colia came to Corning on May 1 and spoke at three Occupy events. The events received widespread press coverage, including: WENY (ABC affiliate), WETM (NBC affiliate), the Corning Leader, the Elmira Star-Gazette and YNN, most of which featured Colia's participation.

Colia Clark, Green Party for US Senate

Supporting Local Candidates in the 2011 Elections

Joe Duffy for Hornell City Council, 10th Ward

The Steuben County Green Party endorsed Joe Duffy in his Green Party campaign for Hornell City Council. Joe was one of two candidates for 10 Ward Alderman.

Cecile Lawrence for Tioga County legislature

Cecile Lawrence, who visited Steuben County in 2010 during her Green Party campaign for US Senate, ran in 2011 for Tioga County legislature.

NY State Green Party Wins 2010 Victory, Reclaims Ballot Line

The more than 58,000 votes cast for Howie Hawkins and Gloria Mattera in the 2010 elections have secured the Green Party a ballot line for the next four years. Support for all the Green candidates was strong. Unofficial figures show Comptroller candidate Julia Willebrand receiving almost 98,000 votes, and US Senate candidates Colia Clarke and Cecile Lawrence receiving about 40,000 and 34,000 votes respectively. Each of our candidates came in third in their races..

"This is the best showing ever for statewide Green Party candidates. It is the culmination of months of hard work on the part of many party members, and the candidates themselves. Voters are fed up with Democrats and Republicans taking their votes for granted, and are open to hearing ideas from a party not beholden to Wall St. and special interests. Howie Hawkins campaigned tirelessly to promote the idea of a Green New Deal, funded by progressive taxation on the wealthy, and using the stock transfer tax we already collect to fill the budget gap. Voters who heard the message understood that Howie's platform made sense, and that it's the austerity plans of Cuomo and Paladino that are nonsense," said Peter LaVenia, co-chair of the NY State Green Party.

"This is a building block for the future. We are going to use this victory to elect Greens statewide, starting at the local level and moving on up to the state," stated Eric Jones, co-chair of the NYS Green Party.

Greens Nominate Hawkins, Mattera, Clark, Lawrence and Willebrand

Syracuse labor activist Howie Hawkins was nominated for Governor and Gloria Mattera, a long time peace activist from Brooklyn, was nominated for Lt. Governor at the Green Party state convention in Albany May 15, 2010. Colia Clark was nominated for the US Senate seat presently held by Chuck Schumer. Cecile Lawrence was picked to fill out the Senate seat previously held by Hillary Clinton. Julia Willebrand from Manhattan, who received amost 118,000 votes for Comptroller four years ago, was chosen to run for comptroller again. Videos of the nominating speeches of the candidates are at

Steuben Greens on YouTube

Meet members of the Steuben Greens on YouTube talking about politics and the Green Party to help promote our candidates. Recorded at our April 28, 2010 meeting in Bath.

Susan Donderewicz from Savona on the Paralysis of Convenience
Darin Robbins from Corning on Why I'm Voting Green in 2010
Charles Rola from Savona on My Hopes for Our Country
Mark Quinby from Bath on Politics
Joseph Duffy from Hornell on Why I Joined the Green Party

2009 Green Party Election Results

Green Party candidates in New York had some of their best results ever this year. Mary Jo Long who won re-election to a seat on the Town Board of Afton in Chenango County. Lynne Serpe, Howie Hawkins and Joe Duffy had excellent showings in their races for NYC Council, Syracuse City Council and Mayor of the City of Hornell. They won 44%, 41% and 34% of the vote in their respective races.

Non-offical returns for all NYS Green Party Candidates:

Allen Carstensen
Town Supervisor, Ulysses
Roxanne Marino (Dem) 693 88%
Allen Carstensen (Grn) 91 12%

Evergreen C. Chou
City Council, 20th District, Flushing, Queens
Peter Koo (GOP) 8,081 49.6%
Yen Chou (Dem) 7,278 44.7 %
S.J. Jung (WF) 664 4.1%
Evergreen Chou (Grn) 270 1.7%

Jennifer Dotson
Alderperson, 1st ward, Ithaca
Running unopposed, 212 votes total
166 Democratic line
46 on the Green line

Joe Duffy
Mayor, Hornell
Shawn D. Hogan (Dem) 925 66%
Joseph J. Duffy (Grn) 466 34%

Jeff Green
Town Board, Kent
(Two Seats)
Louis D. Tartaro 1,238 22.53%
John A. Greene 1,115 20.29%
Jeff Green (Grn) 998 18.16%
Karl R. Rohde 771 14.03%
Thomas F. Maxson 704 12.81%
Edward C. Durkee 669 12.17%

Luke Gucker
City Council, 11th ward, Albany
Anton Konev 352 52%
Luke Gucker (Grn) 227 34%
Ken Barnes 92 14%

Howie Hawkins
City Council, 4th district, Syracuse
Thomas M. Seals (D-Wor) 1,424 59%
Howie Hawkins (Gre) 974 41%

Mary Jo Long
Town Council, Afton
(Two Seats)
John H Lawrence 235
Mary Jo Long (Grn) 222
Robert Tallmadge 208

Walter Nestler
City Council, 18th district, Bronx
Annabel Palma (Dem) 11,983 87.8%
Leopold Paul (Rep) 1,063 7.8%
Walter Nestler (Grn) 421 3.1%
Arqui Sanders (Con) 186 1.4%

David Pechefsky
City Council, 39th district, Brooklyn
Bradford Lander (Dem) 15,279 69.7%
Joe Nardiello (GOP) 3,650 16.6%
David Pechefsky (Grn) 1,524 7.0%
Roger Sarrabo (Lib) 815 - 4%
George Smith (Con) 658 – 3%

Darin Robbins
7th ward Alderman, Corning
James Nelson (GOP): 174 52%
Daniel Blodgett (Dem): 127 37%
Darin Robbins (Grn): 33 10%

Lynne Serpe
City Council, 22nd district, Astoria, Queens
Peter Vallone (Dem) 10565 74.52%
Lynne Serpe (Grn) 3323 23.44%
Gerald F. Kann (Pop) 290 2.05%

William Talen
Mayor, New York City
Michael Bloomberg (GOP) 557059 50.61%
William Thompson (Dem) 506717 46.04%
Stephen Christopher (Con) 18277 1.66%
Billy Talen (Grn) 8964 0.81%
Francisca Villar (PSL) 3517 0.32%
Jimmy McMillan (Oth) 2615 0.24%
Joseph Dobrian (Lib) 2004 0.18%
Daniel Fein (SWP) 1496 0.14%

Russell Ziemba
City Council, 3rd district, Troy
Bodnar R/I/C 513 42%
Hoffmeister D/TA 394 32%
Ziemba WF/G 321 26%

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For a complete list of current and past Green candidates in all states, vists the GP-US elections database.




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