Darin Robbins for Corning Alderman
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Robbins for Mayor of Corning

Darin Robbins for Mayor, City of Corning 2015


The city of Corning is a wonderful community, a place that one can truly call home. But our community can be subjected to various changes and events on a statewide, national, and global scale. We feel the effects of economic decline, climate change, and failures of infrastructure. Across the world we have also seen momentous change and movements of people for freedom and equality.

There is a deep connection between our local self-determination and the larger global issues. The problems that lay before us are: worker debt and corporate wealth, unsustainable energy, agriculture, and manufacturing, and people feeling political and economic alienation. The time is now for new ideas and a vision to match these worldwide events. I am running for mayor of Corning as the Green Party candidate to give our community a new direction. The first step in this direction is to acknowledge that the residents of Corning are co-owners of this city, each person who lives here is a stakeholder that has the right to participate fully in the public life of our city, and any new policy must reflect this basic premise.

The two themes of my campaign are Democracy and Resiliency, and how these two themes interact with each other. This includes expansion of the direct democratic process, local energy and food production, and the formation of common resources with open access for all residents.

1. Anti-Fracking: A community Bill Of Rights that supports local sovereignty under New York state Home Rule and includes the right to clean land, air, and water which in turn sets the foundation for a local ban on fracking.

2. Bill of Rights Defense Resolution: The affirmation and protection of civil liberties from such legislation as the USA PATRIOT Act, Homeland Security Act of 2002, Military Commissions Act of 2006, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments, and National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

3. Community Land Trust: The public purchase of foreclosed homes, which will allow for rental negotiations with the original tenants, and rental payments distributed to all city residents as co-owners.

4. Cooperatives: The requirement that the city’s economic fund can only give startup loans to worker owned businesses, followed by a city hiring hall that will be an employment office helping the unemployed into job positions with those cooperatives.

5. Fab Lab: A community workshop offering opportunities for personal fabrication through computer controlled tools and flexible manufacturing equipment that is freely accessible to all residents and serving as a common resource.

6. Living Wage Ordinance: A local minimum wage calculated to the cost of living so that residents will be able to earn a living without having to go into private debt or rely on welfare to supplement wages.

7. Local Currency: A community based currency for local purchases, distributed as a basic income to all residents, acting as a supplement to wages and a stimulation to local businesses.

8. Net-metering: A revolving loan fund that will help homeowners install solar panels and small wind turbines while connected to the city grid, where any surplus energy is shared by all residents.

9. Participatory Budgeting: The ability of residents to choose where 30% of their local tax payment will go in the city budget, encouraging democratic participation and reflecting the priorities of residents.

10. Referendum: The ability of residents to place proposals on the ballot so that all residents can vote on them, increasing the direct democratic process for the community.

For campaign updates, visit the Robbin's campaign Facebook page.


Bill of Rights Defense Resolution
City Referendum
Community Bill of Rights
Cooperative Business Act
Participatory Budgeting


I am a lifelong resident of Corning New York, living in the 8th and 9th wards before redistricting and in the 7th and 6th wards after redistricting. I attended St. Vincent’s elementary school, All Saints Academy middle school, and Notre Dame high school in Elmira. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from American University in Washington D.C. and currently volunteer at the Southeast Steuben County Library. I have been a member of the Green Party since November of 2000 and a member of Occupy since November of 2011. In 2004, I was a delegate from New York to the Green Party presidential convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have written for my own e-zine called “Public Uproar” from 2000 to 2004 and contributed to the Green Party Of New York State theory blog called “A Green State Of Mind” from 2007 to present. I am currently a member of the State Committee of the Green Party Of New York State. In regards to my personal political beliefs, I consider myself a postanarchist and mutualist which I think is complementary to my membership in the Green Party. My four main personal heroes are Gilles Deleuze, Ralph Nader, Terence McKenna, and Murray Bookchin.


Darin Robbins for Mayor
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Corning, New York 14830
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